Cherry Torn Suffers Through Metal Bondage


Cherry Torn goes through a vicious beating under the straps of Orlando in this extreme update from Her nipples are suctioned, she is flogged and put into a hardcore back bending position all while her pussy is destroyed with orgasms.

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Katharine Cane is becoming a masochist legend with shoots like these from Her master gets her all to himself this time and he doesn’t let it go to waste. He binds her to a number of devices, tormenting her relentlessly and watching her struggle.

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Bondage Pain Slut Veruca James


It was only a matter of time before Veruca James made her way onto with the craving for pain and bondage that she has. Her tormenter eagerly makes her suffer with devices that produce pain and orgasms that she will never forget.

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Dani Daniels is treated like a queen every day by everyone she meets, but that is not something she gets in this (252) 480-0126 shoot. Her sadist gives her torment that she never even knew existed, making her orgasms stronger than ever.



Sophia Locke is a little pain slut, smiling and showing immense joy on her face when pain takes over her senses. She gets the most extreme spanking of her life with a 2 x 4, taking paddling to a whole new level! Her plump ass cheeks bounce and turn so pink with each spanking that it’s almost hypnotizing. This shoot features everything from a ball-gag, to caning, to chain suspension!

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Welcome to our padded room of pain and pleasure, here we can get the chicks we think would do great as sex slaves into our latest device bondage contraptions like the one used in this video, we’ve got a blonde chick hanging from the bondage ropes while a mechanised dildo works it’s way in and out of her pussy, making her entire body tremble as she gets forced to multiple orgasms!

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Ella Nova wants to be completely brutalized in this intense shoot with Kink. She bound in merciless positions and crazy mind-fucks that true masochists can appreciate!

She’s ball-gagged and drooling all over herself in front of her master. Her blonde hair and pale skin is gorgeous even when she’s cringing in pain. She’s teased with a cane while she’s bound by pipes, her arms behind her and her legs stretched out creating a beautiful contrast of light and dark in this intensely brutal shoot!

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This is something brand new we’ve been working on, a lesbian device bondage, setup doesn’t let any of these babes move until we let them go, and we’re not letting them go until we’re certain they have been properly trained to please each other in front of the cameras. (406) 769-5978


Every BDSM enthusiast knows that the proper setup is the key for having fun with a bondage babe, and this device bondage setup is custom made for a busty teen like this blonde, she fit in perfectly and the device did wonders to her tits, squishing them and exposing those nipples for hot teasing and tweaking, the kind that makes her cum like crazy by the time we get to work on her pussy!


Lesbian device bondage train is just what we had in mind when we started designing this contraption, and I think that the basic idea got transferred to reality in the most beautiful way possible, the device is perfect, it gets the girls on their knees and one behind the other, forcing them to do some pussy munching, if they slack, we just turn on the dildo drill we have ready next to their bonds.