Welcome to our adventure! We are a married couple that is taking on the world and taking on foster kids as we go!


We are a couple who, over 2 years ago, got married and started an adventure together. As of now we are also foster parents and have a brave little girl to take care of and a little boy of our own.



B is sometimes a sweet little girl who wants to help and do what she is told, and is other times the thing that nightmares are made of. If I did not know any better, I would swear that we have two girls again. Today she helped get the table ready for lunch without being …


Teddy is so close to being able to crawl. I have seen him do what a friend calls the “wounded soldier crawl” where he pulls him self by his arms alone. He tries to get his legs into it but just cannot seem to get the coordination down.  His preferred method of locomotion, though, is …

Not “Exclusive”

See, I had this story book idea to have a natural birth followed by skin to skin and “exclusively” breastfeeding. I know fed is best, but I wanted to breastfeed. Guess what we are not exclusive…Teddy is still breastfeeding but he also had formula. I bawled when we had to start supplementing the second time, …


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