The idea to start a Na Na Homemade Curry (NNHC) stall was mooted in 1989 by Yap Hock Kee, Grandma Khim’s eldest son, while the family gathered over a meal of curries prepared by Grandma Khim..

Na Na Homemade Curry’s first outlet at Marina South in that year, made a name for itself fairly quickly and was a hit amongst avid curry fans who would travel all the way there just to have their favourite dose of spicy curry. However, a spike in rental rates forced the decision to relocate.


In 1996, NTUC Fairprice caught on the curry fever and opened a chain of franchised stalls with the popular Na Na Homemade Curry brand. This collaboration lasted over a period of 3 years.

Today, Na Na Homemade Curry has 4 outlets in Singapore (Bedok North, Bukit Merah View, Commonwealth Crescent and Jurong East). These stalls stayed true to the authenticity of the original NNHC stall.

NNHC has a manufacturing arm to prepare pre-packed curry paste for distribution. The business is currently being handed over to the next generation of the Yap family, with e-commerce and home deliveries of ready-cooked curries and accompanying condiments being the latest offerings for Singapore.


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Food is a passion. Curry, fiery passion.

There is no compromise on the quality or freshness of products used in Na Na Homemade Curry’s famous recipes with only the best imported ingredients and local spices, made from scratch every day.
It is the truest form of home style cooking, from a secret recipe handed down over many generations.
There’s nothing quite like sitting around with family and friends having great conversations over a delicious meal. Now that it is available online, there are more opportunities to enjoy this tantalising delicacy.
Celebrate the satisfaction that comes with savouring or cooking your own curry so over the top you can't help but marvel in its presence! We have ready-made curry pastes for these very occasions.
So gather the family, grab some friends, or even neighbours, and start ordering now!



Curry has always been a multi-cultural dish enormously enjoyed when shared amongst family and friends.
Be it a lazy weekend meal, a picnic or a party, Na Na Homemade Curry serves a wide selection of curries to suit every taste, ranging from Fish, Chicken, Mutton, Pork and Vegetables.


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