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Charity for Peace Foundation envisions a society in Uganda where the population is peaceful, productive, healthy and self-reliant; and where the rights of individual members of society are respected and upheld.

Mission Statement

Charity for Peace Foundation is poised to encouraging the community in Northern Uganda to actively engage and participate in the promotion of peace, better health and education services, and poverty reduction so as to improve on the status and quality of life of poor and vulnerable children, youths and women.


Core Values

Effective And Efficient Use of resources

We shall continuously challenge ourselves and others in the matter of effective and efficient use of resources, and the fulfillment of agreed roles and responsibilities

Honesty And Transparency

Charity for Peace Foundation shall do her work with honesty and transparency; and accept responsibility for her actions.

Active And Full Participation Of Stakeholders

Charity for Peace Foundation shall promote active and full participation in planning, implementation and decision making processes inside and outside the organization.

Courage And Honesty

In doing her rightful and legitimate work in favor of children, youths and women, Charity for Peace Foundation shall work with courage and honesty at all times

Dignity And Potentiality

Charity for Peace Foundation shall uphold and appreciate the dignity, values, rights, contributions and potentials of every individual we relate with without discrimination.


Both the staff and Board members of Charity for Peace Foundation shall execute their prescribed duties and responsibilities excellently


Charity for Peace Foundation shall uphold open and transparent delivery and accounting system in the course of executing her duties and responsibilities

Positive Changes

Charity for Peace Foundation shall actively seek to initiate positive changes and innovations in favor of children, youths and women on the basis of our vision and mission statements


Anthony Akol

Chief Executive Officer

Akena Innocent

Programme Director

Kidega James Nabinson

Co Founder

Partners & Sponsors

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Address: Plot 2 Awach Rd Gulu, P.O. Box 11 Gulu

Tel: +256 471435170 / +256 777489355 / +256 772588642

Email: info@cpfuganda.org / charityforpeace2003@yahoo.com