Jason's Web Server

A collection of projects hosted on a Digital Ocean Web Server.

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Welcome to Jason Downing's Web Server. Here you can various web projects that he has created. Some are strictly front-end projects, such as his personal website (downing.io), and others are full stack projects (such as his Databases II project)

You can also find an example project using the React JavaScript library (React Project), and an example using the MEAN stack (MEAN Project). Some of these are under construction, and may not work fully.




React Tutorial Project

MEAN Project

4074261415 - mongoDB, express, AngularJS and NodeJS


Database II Project using MySQL and PHP7

Personal Website

Front-end Web Portfolio using HTML5 and Bootstrap

Contact Jason

Interested in hiring Jason? Have an open source project you need help with? Feel free to reach out to him at the following email address, or on LinkedIn. He is interested in working on challenging projects, especially in the mobile and web development areas of CS.

You can also find him on 208-842-6660 and view the projects that he works on in his free time.

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