Impossible to miss the beret which is this year the coolest hats to adopt from mid-season and for all winter. You thought it was outdated? Not at all. In any case not since the soft leather berets have dressed the heads of the models during the Dior fall-winter 2018-2019 show. And like Dior, we love, we go to the show with a nice shopping berets for all desires.

What styles of beret are trendy this season?

Simple plain warm fabric, wear as well black and gray as camel or colored as you wish. The key colors of the moment? The red, intense and daring, which brings a real plus to your looks to give them pep for example. This hue is too flashy for you? Instead, bet on a soft pink color. A bit girly, it brings softness to your outfits every day. A boon ! You can also choose it with an embroidered message to wake the basic and / or customize.

Of course we fall for the models fashion haute couture in black leather effect, chic and trendy, but at a low price. They give an incomparable self-confidence. It’s the beret of chic women who dare and it perfectly imitates the podium style that sign is revival. Why deprive yourself?

Are you afraid of his little androgynous side? Do not deprive yourself of this mixed headgear. It comes in other versions much more feminine to adopt without hesitation! Cap on models of accessories-jewelry with berets twisted by the pearls trend that plays 100% card imitation cultured pearls, or bet on berets adorned with shimmering rhinestones or metal pins. Choose your favorite fantasy and opt for ornaments placed or distributed throughout the model at will! Small discreet pearls or large pearl beads, miniature rhinestones or ultra shiny cabochons, it’s up to you to see what you assume most easily. So many charming ways to wear the trendy beret this season!


What if you put a nice headband or hat on your head? These two fashion accessories add a touch of glamor to our wardrobe. It remains to know how to wear them so that they enhance our appearance, rather than serving. Follow the advice of Cristina Cordula, fashion and makeover specialist.

With a Borsalino recites the male-female side. Carefully move it aside to add a retro touch to your style. Choose a black hat, it’s a safe bet or dare a more original model like a leopard print.

The headband is more difficult to wear than the hat. The color is chosen according to your complexion, he must marry with your complexion. It is usually flush with the forehead. However, if it is very large, let the belt slip to lower it. Have fun positioning the band for your hairstyle.

Regardless of whether you choose a headband or hat, you will inevitably notice the upper body of your body.

Your make-up has to be perfect. Improve your face with a flawless complexion. Why not play the mysterious side in the evening with hat and smoky eyes? If you prefer glamor, put on slightly made-up eyes and a red mouth.


Head to hat or not? Not easy to find the perfect headgear to show off your face. Our advice to adopt the right according to its morphology.

It is an accessory not to neglect, and for good reason! The hat is big and has the great advantage of enhancing a look in the blink of an eye; it brings this little extra soul to the silhouette and remains the fashion detail that makes all the difference. On the condition of choosing it according to its features and the shape of its face. Borsalino, capeline, amazon, bibi … Discover which model is right for you.

You have an oval face: you have a hat head!
The oval face is the most appropriate to wear a headgear. Its width is about half of its length, the jaws are thin and the forehead well proportioned compared to slightly curved cheekbones, which means you can wear just about anything: lucky! So you capeline, panama and other amazon to perfect your look.