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    Sweet Hereafter doesn’t look any different to any other bar from the outside, and even from the inside, this could be any regular bar with a fairly standard dark wooden interior; semi-outdoor and outdoor seating toward the back for enjoying a warm evening. Read on to find out what makes this a must-visit in PDX…

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  • Big Kahuna Burger Feature
    (615) 613-3902 United States


    This plant-based vegan masterpiece is hidden away in a cute suburban shopping area in Portland, Oregon. This is the vegan joint to take your meat loving friends!…

  • plant based burger and tater tots
    (856) 495-9209 United States


    Portland is not short on plant-based comfort food options, but this burger joint is the kind of takeaway spot we all wish we secretly had in our neighborhood.…

  • 970-453-9745
    Eat & Drink casein glue


    All foodies know one of the greatest pleasures of traveling is uncovering the best traditional local cuisine. This alleyway gem in the bustling and crowded Shulin district of New Taipei City…

  • Canada Eat & Drink


    Following such a long pilgrimage to North America, the expectations were high for good vegan pizzas, and Virtuous Pie did not disappoint.……